Back with a Hopeful Vengeance

Hey all!

So, it’s been 5 months since my last post. Absurdly too long for a blog, I agree. In my defense, those 5 months are the busiest months of my life in Breckenridge, but! Let’s take this opportunity to catch up and keep in touch better throughout the summer on on through next season.

As I mentioned, I have been busy. Through the winter I worked two jobs: a ticket scanner for the ski resort and a manager at a sports bar called Downstairs at Eric’s. Both jobs make my life during winter very interesting. I come into contact with a lot of different people from all corners of the world. Through this winter, I was slowly being promoted to a higher managerial position at Eric’s that fully took affect yesterday, April 1. Very excited about that. It’s a great job with fun people and an unforgettable atmosphere. If you are ever in Breckenridge, come visit! As for the ticket scanning, the resort is open for two more weeks so it’s began to slow way down. In the middle of March, however, I informed them that I might not be able to work the rest of the season because of possible complications with my CF, so I haven’t been working there for the last month.


No new complications with my CF have popped up! I was nervous for my appointment in the beginning of March because I had gone through a busy ski season. Between working and snowboarding, I tried to get some sleep and keep up on all my treatments. I was very relieved and proud of myself for how well I was able to keep up my health through all the hustle and bustle of winter. Early March, my lung functions and weight were down a slight bit but nothing my infectious disease doctor was too concerned about. Yesterday, I went back down for a follow up with my CF doctors and my numbers shot back up to where they were back in November. I have been battling a nasty lung infection for the last 4 years and it is nice to be on the high side of the teeter-totter. I couldn’t have done it without all of the support of my friends and family!

In other news, I will be on a internet radio show tomorrow, April 3 from 9a-11a MT. This Denver-based internet radio show ‘Unfiltered and Unaffected’ will be meeting with me and a girl named Nina Storey, a singer/songwriter from (I beleive) the Denver area. She is a big advocate for CF and we will be discussing music and CF on this radio show due to her soon-to-come album release on April 19. Incidentally enough, Nina was looking for someone to perform with her during her concert on April 19 that has CF so the Colorado Chapter of the CF Foundation called me up and asked if I would be interested. “I can’t sing or dance,” I told them, “but I can play the drums.” More details to come, but Nina thought this to be a great idea and I will be joining her on stage in a few weeks to perform some songs with her. Very exciting indeed to advocate CF while doing something I love. If you can, please tune in online to the radio show and I will be back with details on how the show went for those of you who might miss it and about the concert.

Lastly, through the winter I have been volunteering at a youth group that I went to throughout high school called Summit County Youth (SCY). I volunteer for the high school program and it has been a great mentoring experience. Anyways, I went to the Easter service at the church the youth group is held at every Sunday night. The speaker, Phil Gallagher, someone who I believe will follow me all the way through my life, spoke about Easter and I came away with a thought: the rising of Jesus can be symbolic of us rising above our earthly confines. Materialism and what defines us while we are on earth does not have to define us. We should strive to rise above whatever may try to keep us down or ‘in our place.’ Because there is something divine in all of us. We are all living, breathing miracles and we should live every day as if we are miracles. One of my friends posted something on Facebook recently: “Life is not about who you once were, it is about who you are right now, and the person you have the potential to become.” I commented and said, “Everything in between the commas is true…period.” Life is about who you are right now…period.

Go out there and be who you are right now…a living, breathing miracle.

I’m back with a hopeful vengeance! (…hopeful to keep in touch :P)

Keep Fighting, Keep Breathing, Say Tomorrow



Hello World!

Hello everyone! Keepbreathing65 here! This blog hopes to create a positive forum for those affected by cystic fibrosis (CF) to send me their questions, comments or concerns regarding CF. I hope to provide my advice or call upon outside sources for advice or answers. E-mail me at

From time to time, I will post more general advice, random videos that might help inspire or be used as a helpful tool to cope, random lyrics or quotes I find interesting and close to home, recent news in the CF world (or just interesting news I think I find helps), random facts about CF most might not know as well as anything else I can use or find that will create a positive energy and to help those struggling  fight back.

This blog is not just for CF patients but anyone affected by CF: the friends, family and acquaintances of patients that are also affected are more than welcome to voice their opinions, advice or questions to me as well. CF does not only affect the patient but also everyone close to them. Of course, the family and friends have a different struggle, but a struggle nonetheless. Feel free to send me a ‘letter to the editor’ and I will be more than happy to post it for the benefit of all readers.

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