Don’t Just Go With The Flow

Hey all!

So last week, I was in the middle of a jam-packed weekend with the SCY HI students and a concert escapade and could not find the time  to post my thoughts of the week.

It did, however, really bother me I didn’t make the time to post. Not only do I enjoy and benefit from keeping it updated, but the first rule of blogging is definitely consistency which (let’s be honest) I haven’t had the best track record when it comes to consistency.

Last weekend, I joined the high school students of SCY on a retreat, if you will, down to Boulder, Colorado. It was a weekend for the students and the volunteers to get away and have fun together going bowling, seeing a movie, paintballing, and hanging out into the early hours of the morning. Throughout the weekend, before and after we shot each other with paintballs and bowled a multitude of gutter balls, we talked about living intentionally.

My generation, and definitely the younger generation, like to live by a very famous saying: “Just go with the flow.” Float along, calm, and without a care in the world and do what you feel; let life come to you.

The older I get, going with the flow isn’t much of an option. Between work and responsibilities, the time I do have I want to spend on doing things I love with the people I care about. I fill my extra time with things I don’t want to lose touch with. Of course, my work schedule and responsibilities comes first on my calendar, but even that can be switched around if there are things that I want to do that I feel are worthwhile.

Every week, I dedicate at least two hours on Sunday nights to SCY. I switched my work schedule last weekend to spend a whole weekend with SCY students leading them through a weekend they will not soon forget. I attended SCY as a middle school and high school student and I know the impact it made on me. It’s something I want to do every week no matter how I feel after a long weekend at work.

Every week, I play basketball on Tuesday nights. I grew up playing basketball and it is an activity that is not only good for me physically but also good for my mentality. I love playing basketball and I want to continue to as long as I can.

Recently, I just signed up for a six-week writing seminar through the community college in town because I do enjoy writing. It will be every Wednesday night starting February 5th. Writing is a skill that I have and I think it’s important to exercise it more and what better way than meeting fellow writers in my community.

Every week, I try to post to this blog. Not only have I found it helps me in many ways, but I like to think it reaches somebody each week and perhaps enhances their outlook even if just for the rest of the day.

All of these things I intentionally plan during a typical week and do my absolute best to carry them out no matter how tired I may be, no matter how I feel, no matter how busy I am. I make these commitments and plan to stick with them.

It sometimes becomes a stretch. About a month ago, I planned to go on the trip last weekend with SCY. A few days after I planned that, I found out Yellowcard was heading out on another tour and making two stops in Colorado.

Late nights and fun-filled days Friday-Sunday, drove back to Denver on Monday, two late nights with my friends I haven’t seen in a while, and then caught Yellowcard on Wednesday night, drove back to Breckenridge and attempted to rest Thursday, worked Friday and Saturday night, worked yesterday all day and then attended SCY again, to make it full circle. (Phew! Recalling these events made me tired all over again!)

Of course I’m tired after all this, but I planned it that way. All of these events were planned in advance and I intended to live them out no matter what it took.

My friends aren’t the best at planning. They just contact me the day of and tell me to drive an hour and a half and hang out. There’s nothing wrong with spontaneity, but making plans and following through with them shows the intention.

I look back on my wild week and realize, through all of the complaining of how tired I was every day, I was living. I made plans to do these things, I carried them out and I enjoyed every second of it: living intentionally.

Again, there is nothing wrong with spontaneity, but I challenge you to make a plan this week: see a show, get coffee or lunch with a friend, volunteer in your community. But whatever you plan to do, follow through no matter how you feel that day. It’s like what my mom always used to say when I thought I didn’t want to do something: “Once you do it, you will be happy you did.”

Until next Monday!

Keep Fighting, Keep Breathing, Live Today, Say Tomorrow



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