Keeping Life Interesting

Hello all! Again, I’m posting a day late. When weekends become as busy as mine, you end up losing track of time.

Two months ago in my post “Fresh Starts and Clean Slates”, I described my life as “faded and stuck on repeat” and I wanted to make a drastic move down to Denver in order to change that. Instead, I stuck to my own advice by taking one day at a time until the time came when I could make that move.

Last week, I met someone who did exactly what I wanted to do. In fact, she made more of a drastic move than I was considering. Right around Christmas time, she decided to up and move from Texas to Colorado.

Going off to college can be more than intimidating for  some: a new area, a new location, and thousands of new people to complete the step out of a comfort zone. But moving somewhere you aren’t familiar with and only knowing two people without the catalyst of a college atmosphere to meet people? Definitely would be a step out of my comfort zone.

However, through the family she is staying with, she met me and some of my friends that are around her age so she doesn’t feel alone in her transition into a new chapter of her life.

Now, lately I’ve gotten back to being content with where I am. A move to somewhere new is still on the radar but it’s not quite as forefront as it once was and I’ve been weighing in lately on why that is.

Since I was 18, my life has constantly been changing. From moving to a different state to taking different classes in college, there was enough change to keep my life interesting. I was always meeting new people and learning new things and trying to take advantage of new opportunities.

The first year in moving back home from college, there were enough changes to keep me interested: becoming a manager at Eric’s, working a different job at the ski area, living with new and old friends in my own place, and meeting new people.

When I wrote that post in early November, and how I have been feeling lately, is that I’m kind of just going through the motions. I meet some new people here and there and do some different things, but everything has become a routine that I would like to break out of.

My job (could almost call it a career now) at Eric’s the last six years has been the constant of my life and now being a manager, I’ve reached a ceiling. The last six years working, I slowly moved up the food chain changing and adding jobs every year or so.

I started bussing tables and when I got bored of that, I started selling Eric’s merchandise at our small gift shop and when I got bored of that, I started running food and when I graduated college and decided to stay in town, I started managing and since then, it’s mostly been just managing and that’s been going for about two years now which is longer than I have done anything else at Eric’s without moving something different.

But a realization and a new beginning struck me this past week: I realized I can always move back down the ladder and I trained to become a bartender (and yesterday worked my first shift by myself; one reason why I didn’t post yesterday).

Whether it’s drastic or subtle, changes are necessary to keep life interesting. I haven’t changed my job title in a few years, but I have found returning to my roots (bussing/food running) has rejuvenated my spirit. And being behind the bar, talking to local regulars, meeting new people,  and pouring pitchers of beer gives me new excitement in my life as well.

If you see your life as “faded and stuck on repeat” maybe it’s time for a change. You could up and move to a different state, if you are feeling brave and adventurous. But even taking a class through a community college (which is something I’m doing as well) or finding a way to rejuvenate your work life, change can make a difference and keep your life interesting.

Until next Monday!

Keep Fighting, Keep Breathing, Live Today, Say Tomorrow



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