The Flip Side of the Coin

Good Monday all!

I’m sure we are all familiar with the the phrase that goes something like, “You don’t understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.”

Another way that I like to think of this idea is, “There are two sides to every coin.”

As of late, I have found it interesting how ignorant people tend to be, myself included. We always seem to know exactly what someone is going through when making a decision.

For example: By the time I was 16 years old, I already had 5 years of restaurant experience. You see, my dad managed restaurants for the majority of my younger years. He would work 14 hours a day and hardly have a day off. Whenever I would visit him, the way I spent time with him was to go to work with him all day. Instead of staying out of the way, I would work; I would bus tables all day and the waitstaff would tip me for my services. I was quite the worker at 11 years old.

So when I turned 16, I started to apply for jobs in the restaurant business in Breckenridge. I had my restaurant experience behind me and was confident I would be able to land a job easily. My first job interview was with Bubba Gump’s. With my application and resumé in hand, I landed an interview with the hiring manager.

I had experience bussing tables. I have tremendous work ethic. I am motivated to work. And yes, I told the hiring manager all of this and she told me to check back with her in a couple days.

Despite my resumé and solid interview, they did not hire me.

Until recently, I had only experienced the applying side of the employment coin. Since being a manager at Eric’s, I have had many applicants drop by, fill out an application, and hand me their resumé. Although I do not hire people, I still have a good idea of if someone would fit working at Eric’s or not. I have encountered multiple applicants that have solid work experience and tell me they are willing to work all the time, but something inside me says, “They won’t fit working here.”

It’s eye-opening when you find yourself on the other side of a situation. Perhaps some of those applicants would have been great employees but from their first impression, I didn’t see them fitting into the business I work for. Although I seemed motivated and knew the restaurant business, Bubba Gump’s did not see me fitting into how they run their business.

Another example: The ending of relationships. Someone assumes the role of the heart-breaker and the other becomes the heart-broken. If you have not experienced both, you will never know how difficult it is for the other side.

In the four relationships I have been in throughout my life, in the end I have been the heart-broken. I know this hurtful side all too well and I’m always baffled how easy it seems to be to end a relationship with someone.

But just because I have not been on the other side of the relationship coin does not mean it does not exist. It does not mean there isn’t pain in being the person to end the relationship. It does not mean it was easy for someone to end a relationship. In some situations, there could be just as much emotional pain for both parties, just in different ways.

I have not yet experienced it, so I just don’t know; however, I can’t assume how the other side feels without having experienced it. Until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, you fail to understand what they are going through.

I can only imagine what it’s like to break someone’s heart. I can only imagine how hard it must be and how painful it must be to be that person. The fact is, I simply don’t know and until I find myself in those shoes, I can’t claim to know or understand that side.

Just remember, there are two sides to every coin and although you may think you know what the other side looks and feels like, you never really know its true nature until you find yourself over there.

Until next Monday!

Keep Fighting, Keep Breathing, Live Today, Say Tomorrow



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