Summer Vacation

So, my last post was on May 13, 2013, which is just over 5 months ago. For lack of a better excuse, I will attribute this sabbatical to “summer vacation” and leave it at that.

Last spring (April 2 to be exact), I titled a post “Back With a Hopeful Vengeance” in which I describe how I had not posted in about 5 months (coincidence?) and that I would make a conscious effort to post more. Although that was short-lived, I was able to share some good posts and stories with those who follow my blog 🙂

Now that summer vacation is over (hmph…), I think it’s about time to start posting again.

Recently, I received some input from friends and acquaintances and have a different outlook on what this blog could be. As it started, it was supposed to be about my life with CF. Everything I posted has been about CF in some way or another.


The more I look into that, I feel like that’s going against what I have said before: CF does not run my life.

Well now, it’s running my blog now isn’t it? To some extent?

Of course, having CF is a big part of my life and the main reason I began this blog; there’s no overlooking those facts.

But! I think it’s time for this blog to become something more…

Perhaps one reason I am so inconsistent with this thing is because I have been doing it for the wrong reasons. Of course, I started it for good reasons: raise awareness about CF, hopefully help others that struggle with CF, and an outlet for me to openly discuss my life with CF. The problem I see is there is too much “CF,” don’t you think?

There is a lot more to me and my life than just living with CF. This isn’t to say I won’t blog about CF anymore because it’s important to keep that aspect in moving forward but I would like to share with you more of who I am.

Not only do I think this will give you, my few-and-far-between readers, something perhaps more exciting and new to read but also I think it will be a chance for me to look into my life as a whole and help me release some of my stress from the hardships I have been facing outside of cystic fibrosis. Much better outlet than throwing it all over Facebook or Twitter (…which I have been guilty of). I think it can be a healthier way for me to sort out my feelings and emotions about my personal situations in hopes to relay the positives to not only myself, but also to you all.

Hopefully my new outlook on what this blog can be will 1) get me to keep up on it and be more consistent about posting, 2) engage those who read in a whole new way and 3) help me release some of the stress and uneasiness in a healthy, positive way.

Hopefully you (my readers) are still out there and are excited about getting to know me a little bit better 🙂

Trying to take my own advice, and let me amend by adding:

Keep Fighting, Keep Breathing, Live Today, Say Tomorrow



3 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. Carol Jennings says:

    Happy to see you are writing again! Keep breathing, keep writing!

  2. Brad Jennings says:

    I think your current plan is a good one. It will help people with CF and their families see that CF doesn’t have to be the center focus of their life, that life is full of joys and hurdles and CF is just another hurdle, not the main event.

  3. Malcolm and Karen Teague says:

    Your writing abilities are amazing, Tony! The ripples from the pebbles (gems) you throw into the lake (world) are probably reaching farther than you know. Yes, keep writing! Keep breathing!

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