Here I Am Alive

It’s been a decision-making process for me to pick my first real post; one that gives a glimpse into my world.

I am an avid music lover. The music I listen to ranges from classical to techno to punk rock and metal. I tend to listen to the punk rock/metal genre, but I still enjoy other genres of music.

Music has always been by my side through any situation. As many people would agree, there is a song out there for anything, and it’s the melodies and beats, the lyrics and the harmonies which help us get lost in the music, allowing us to forget our hardships at hand.

In the famous words of Earth Wind and Fire, “When you feel down and out, sing a song.”

Music can be used to celebrate or can keep you in that hole in the ground. I steer away from the music that keeps me digging deeper and adhere to the songs that show me a way out.

Because of my vast variety of songs I have in my library (6215 to be exact), I was having trouble deciding which one to share first.

One thing that will continually pop up throughout the lifespan of this blog will be my everlasting love for the band Yellowcard. Because of my obsession, I decided it’s only fitting to pick one of their songs to share with you first: “Here I Am Alive.”

A few lyrics to note:

  • Someone’s gonna tell you, who you should wanna be, so you’ll forget the vision that they didn’t wanna see, and when they give up cause they will give up say, here I am alive.
  • Someone’s gonna tell you that you deserve the worst, they’ll say you’re never coming back, and tell you that you’re cursed. But when they give up, cause they always give up, say, here I am alive.
  • They say you don’t grow up you just grow old, it’s safe to say I haven’t done both, I’ve made mistakes, I know, I know, but here I am alive.
  • So many people close to me cut me down, this is supposed to be a bad luck town, I jumped, I fell, I hit the ground, but here I am alive.

Now why this song and why share these lyrics with you (when I might as well have shared the whole song)? To me, it’s pretty black and white: Here I Am Alive.

I am here in this world. I am living and loving in this world. Here I am, alive.

Let me phrase it differently: no matter what happens to you, for the better or worse, your heart will still be beating, which we consider the bare minimum of our life. We take our beating hearts for granted. We don’t realize during the majority of our lives that one day, our heartbeat will come to a halt. This song reminds me that no matter what goes on in my life, good or bad, if my heart continues to beat, it’s a good day because I’m still here and alive for tomorrow.

Think about this at the low points in your life. No matter what is going on–having problems in your relationship, family and friends don’t understand what you are struggling with, school or work issues–your heart continues to beat and you continue to breathe.

You can be on top of the world and here you are, alive.

You can hit rock bottom and here you are, alive.

Being here and alive in this moment is what is important.

Fight for today so you can breathe in tomorrow’s fresh air.

Keep Fighting, Keep Breathing, Say Tomorrow



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