Great Strides 2012: Summit County

These are a couple pictures I was able to get from a good friend of mine up here in Summit County, Kay Beaton. This is my team this year, Trek for Tony, at the Great Strides walk in Dillon, CO comprised of my family and close friends.

My team puts on a fundraiser the night before the walk. This year, we were able to raise $1200 that night and $2687 overall.

Great Strides walk is a great way to raise all that money for the research and development of new drugs coming down the Pipeline. If you are not involved with the walk every year, definitely get involved and raise those funds! It is really as simple as asking.

The small steps we can take to make the lives of those living with CF easier…

Follow this link to the article in the Summit Daily News about the walk and see what Megan Anderson, the only other person with CF in Summit County, and I do to raise funds for the walk.

Keep Fighting, Keep Breathing, Say Tomorrow



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